Saturday, November 25, 2017

Jacob and a Fan


Two weeks after I wrote of my co-author, being The Cat in the Lap,  he becomes the poster child for the local veterinary store.

I don't remember signing any photo release.

Maybe it's just a fan selfie of her and him.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Cat in The Lap

There are times when I struggle to accomplish things during the week

There are times when I struggle to accomplish things by years end.

And there are times when I recognize that I may never accomplish, or repair, what has been done in life.

This week is the first time in four months in a new position that I have had some semblance of a Saturday to myself. Not before time too. I completed (almost) all of my work by noon, cleaned, did chores, and this evening, started to write. No sooner had I started writing did my companion - Jacob the Cat, come and began critiquing my work. He would usually perch himself on the printer and look down on my work space. The printer is broken so he plopped in my lap.

A Cat in the Lap seems like almost a good title for an enjoyable read.

Much better than trying to rewrite history.