Sunday, April 5, 2015

Writer Frustration: Resurrected

Easter Sunday.

Three and a half hours to do a twenty minute rewrite for Eugene Daily News. (Thank you Firefox, Explorer and Chrome for a glorious morning.)

Two more hours to work why the Xbox would not let me sign in with my email account. It is, after all,  clearly me.

One hour trying to multiple guess the password I have for the email account upon which I do password resets with.

Twenty minutes trying to remember which letter of the password is, or is not, capitlatized.

Grant @ SC
Thirty five minutes to work out how to sign out of Google Plus, after spending fifteen minutes looking at my circles thinking "where is my profile picture?", only to realize I somehow created two Google Profiles. (Side issue:  this is me, as pictured.)

 Writer accomplishments today:  zero.

  Frustration level: resurrected. 

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